Privacy Policy


You are welcome to use our products and services! We are well aware of the importance of personal information to you, and your trust is very important to us. We will strictly abide by laws and regulations and adopt corresponding security protection measures, and strive to protect the security of your personal information. Based on this, the getejd service provider (or “us” for short) has formulated this "Privacy Policy" (hereinafter referred to as "the Policy") to help you fully understand how we collect, Use, share, store and protect your personal information, and how you can manage your personal information so that you can better make appropriate choices.

Before you start to use our products and services, please be sure to read and understand this policy carefully. In particular, you should focus on reading our terms marked in bold/bold underline to ensure that you fully understand and agree to it before you start using it. For the professional vocabulary involved in this policy, we try our best to explain it to you in a concise and popular way to facilitate your understanding. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the content of this policy, you can contact us through various contact methods provided by



1. Definition and scope of application

    (1) Definition

      getejd: refers to the getejd website

      Personal information: refers to various information recorded electronically or in other ways that can identify a specific natural person alone or in combination with other information or reflect the activities of a specific natural person.

      Personal sensitive information: Refers to personal information including ID number, personal biometric information, bank account number, property information, whereabouts, transaction information, and children under the age of 14 (including) personal information (we will be sensitive to specific individuals in this policy Information is highlighted in bold).

      Personal information deletion: refers to the act of removing personal information from the system involved in the realization of daily business functions, so that it can be kept in a state where it cannot be retrieved or accessed.

      Children: Refers to minors under the age of fourteen.

      Unless otherwise agreed, the definition used in this policy has the same meaning as in the "Taobao Platform Service Agreement".

    (2) Scope of application

This policy applies to various products and services provided to you by Taobao service providers in fungoods and new forms that have emerged with technological development. If we and our affiliated companies use the products or services of (for example, use the getejd platform account to log in)

In addition to the relevant information collection and use activities described in this policy, this policy does not apply to other services provided by sellers and other third parties. For other services, the privacy policy and other personal information collection and use rules that they separately explain to you apply. For example, when you join a member of a seller or brand, the use of member information by such seller or brand shall be subject to the rules specifically explained to you, including marketing to you.


2. How we collect and use your information and how you can manage your information

When you use our products/services, we need/may need to collect and use your personal information including the following two types:

1. In order to provide you with the basic functions of our products and/or services, you must authorize us to collect and use the necessary information. If you refuse to provide the corresponding information, you will not be able to use our products and/or services normally;

2. In order to provide you with additional functions of our products and/or services, you can choose whether to authorize us to collect and use the information. If you refuse to provide it, you will not be able to use the relevant additional functions or achieve the functional effects we intend to achieve.

We hereby remind you:

1. We are committed to creating a variety of products and services to meet your needs. Due to the many types of products and services we provide to you, and the specific product/service ranges that different users choose to use, the basic/additional functions and the types and scope of personal information collected and used will be different. Please specify The product/service function of the product/service shall prevail;

2. In order to bring you a better product and service experience, we continue to work hard to improve our products, services and technology, and then we may launch new or optimized functions from time to time, and may need to collect and use new individuals Information or change the purpose or method of using personal information. If the above situation occurs, we will separately explain to you in detail by updating this policy, pop-up windows, page prompts, etc., and provide you with a way to choose your consent, and start collecting and using it after obtaining your express consent. During this process, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you can contact us through the contact information at the end of this policy, and we will answer you as soon as possible.